What is Sound Healing? 

Sound Healing is a guided musical meditation: High Priestess Saviii Anxelina sings, plays the Crystal + Brass Himalayan Singing Bowls, among other various instruments, designed to bring you back to your grounded center.


Sound Healing Meditation is scientifically proven to create new neural pathways in the brain, in real time, allowing the recipient to detangle from historically destructive psychological narratives keeping them locked into fear + lack-based mentalities.


Sound Healing calms the nervous system + reroutes one to their juicy, cozy center of freedom + abundance.

Becoming Your Own Love Song: A Ceremonial Sound Healing with High Priestess Saviii Anxelina.


Tired of constantly getting pulled out of your center by NYC’s noise pollution? Come cozy up to who you are with High Priestess Saviii Anxelina’s soothing voice + uniquely crafted soundscapes. Simple breathing technique included to ground you back to center. 


Let it — go. Whatever you are carrying in this moment — honor it, feel it, release it. Y O U are the Spiritual DJ. Of. Your. Life. You choose, Y O U decide which energetic tracks to play at the party of your vibe.

Being the Spiritual DJ of Your Life: A Ceremonial Sound Healing with High Priestess Saviii Anxelina