Infrared Sauna Therapy

Our goal is to offer what we feel is the highest quality Full Spectrum Infrared sauna cabins and pair them with local healers and practitioners to offer a space where you can turn your core body temp up and give your mind a break off



mPulse Discover 4 seater Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten Discover Infrared Sauna Cabin

Sunlighten's Full Spectrum Infared sauna cabin the Discover Model seats up to 4 people but many folks choose it to enjoy on their own and have lots of space or with a friend where you can both stretch out your legs

Sunlighten Believe Infrared Sauna Cabin

Sunlighten's Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Cabin the Believe Model seats up to 2 people. The best position to enjoy an Infrared Sauna is upright and seated so that the largest surface area of your skin is exposed to the Infrared light. This is a great option for solo sessions or a wonderful budget option to do with a friend. Even though heat is not the key to Infrared therapy many have commented that the Believe is a great choice for those who prefer a HOT session


mPulse Believe 2 seater 

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna